A record breaking human power relay over every Scottish mountain over 1KM high!

The ARCHIE Foundation's Mountain Challenge

ARCHIE Bagging - Scotland's 1km mountains

Have you thought of Archie bagging? There are 130 mountains in Scotland over 1000m with over 100m drop on all sides. They are all on mainland Scotland. Most are readily accessible and there are none in the far north. Most are technically straightforward and none are as technically challenging as the Cuilin ridge in Skye which deters many walkers. Most of us lead busy lives and as 'bucket' lists go the Archie list is a manageable one. If you wanted to climb all the Munros then you may want to consider starting with the Archies list which would be a useful stepping stone and inital target. Since it is a much more achievable list it may keep you focussed.

We are aware that there are many great hills which are under 1000m. There are many great hills which dont make it onto the Munro list either. Ben Ledi, Suilven, and the Rum Cuillin to name but a few. We would urge you to use this list as a stimulus to exploring our wonderful country and not one that restricts you only to ticking off the highest peaks. If used well this list may encourage you to explore areas of Scotland that you might otherwise never visit. We also hope you appreciate that you are not there to 'conquer' the mountains, merely to enjoy the priviledge of spending time in them.

Finally the Archies list contains 130 of the 134 highest mountains in the UK (the other 4 are in Wales). Conditions can be challenging at any time of year and you must be prepared adequately with adequate food, clothing, equipment and reliable means of navigation.