A record breaking human power relay over every Scottish mountain over 1KM high!

The ARCHIE Foundation's Mountain Challenge


The Archies Sample Book (PDF)

1st September 2017
7:00PM - 8.30PM
University of Dundee, Dalhousie Building, 75 Old Hawkhill, Dundee DD1 5EN

In an age of metric mapping, this book explains the rationale for the Archies, and why we believe a 21st century Sir Hugh would have come up with this list. It also describes a momentous and truly memorable relay journey on foot, by bike and by kayak over all 130 of them, with a cuddly rabbit baton. The ARCHIE Mountain Challenge in aid of The ARCHIE Foundation took place over 16 days in 2015.

This is not a guide book, but it does detail a route that others could emulate, in part or in whole. It should appeal to anyone with a love of the outdoors or a spirit of adventure.

The book launch will involve a talk, some short video clips from the Adventure Show, and Mark Beaumont (who has written the foreword of the book). There will be a short Q&A section, followed by free wine : )