A record breaking human power relay over every Scottish mountain over 1KM high!

The ARCHIE Foundation's Mountain Challenge

The Archies book launch!

21st September 2017
7:00PM - 8.30PM
University of Dundee, Dalhousie Building

The book launch will involve a talk, some short video clips from the Adventure Show, and Mark Beaumont (who has written the foreword of the book). There will be a short Q&A section, followed by free wine : ) Read more...


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“So, I’ve got a job for you on wednesday….just need to know if you have your game face on?” - Mike Donald

“This might not be your first Munro Ben but it will definitely be the finest mountain you’ve ever climbed. ” - Russell Duncan and Ben Ulyatt

Archie Mountain Challenge Reflections:

The challenge is now complete, huge congratulations to everyone involved!

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Fun Facts

The cumulative ascent for the Challenge was 85529m. This is roughly 10 times the height of Everest and would take us into the Stratosphere!

The cumulative distance of the Challenge was 1,763km (1095 miles) . This equates to the distance from Edinburgh to Madrid. The majority of this was on foot, and most of it over rough terrain.

57 people were directly involved in the Challenge which took 15 days, 9 hours and 6 minutes to complete. Many more were involved in the 3 community walks, up Ben Wyvis, Lochnagar, and Schiehallion on the 3 weekends of the Challenge. 

The Challenge started and finished at sea level, which is unusual for a mountain challenge like this, but makes a huge amount of sense if you think about it. ​It crossed Scotland, starting at the north east end in the North Sea (Cromarty Firth) by Dingwall, and finished at the south west end in the Atlantic Ocean (Loch Long) by Arrochar.

The Challenge finished beside the Rest and Be Thankful, which must be the best place in the world to finish such a challenge. 

What is an ARCHIE?


From the 19th to the 21st century, from feet to metres, and from opinion to definition!


What is the Challenge?


Great things about the challenge:



Photographs courtesy of Andy McCandlish

What a challenge!

"I love the idea - why has it not been done before!" Mark Beaumont, broadcaster, adventurer, author, speaker.
"Bonkers and wonderful" Lizzie Rose. Adventure racer, artist and mountain rescuer.
"This will be the best adventure to happen, in Scotland/UK, in 2015." Gary Tompsett. Adventure Race Organiser and Adventure Race Athlete.

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Now that the Archies challenge is complete many of the runners / walkers would like to share their stories of their small parts played in this amazing challenge.

Have you thought of Archie bagging?

There are 130 mountains in Scotland over 1000m with over 100m drop on all sides. They are all on mainland Scotland. Most are readily accessible and there are none in the far north.

This challenge isn't just about climbing lots of mountains. It's about making a big difference for local sick children too. You can find out more about all of The ARCHIE Foundation's work by clicking here:


why it matters


1km up...

We climbed every mountain in Scotland over 1000m in a “Bonkers and Wonderful” relay.

If Sir Hugh Munro were alive today we reckon he would create a list of Scottish mountains over 1000m. We have called these mountains the ARCHIES. In May and June of 2015 we ran over all 130 ARCHIES, travelling between them on foot, bike or kayak. This was an epic feat which was made even more so by the weather which was unseasonably harsh. Our team of 57 intrepid adventurers faced blizzards, gales and torrential rain, although things improved in the second week. We completed the route from the North Sea coast by Dingwall to the Atlantic coast by Arrochar in 15 days 9 hours and six minutes. Read about some of our experiences in the highly entertaining ‘Reports’ section, and there are some excellent news articles in the links below...